About us

We believe in a world of equal opportunities. People at the bottom of the economic ladder should enjoy the same investment opportunities as people at the top of the ladder. Profitable trading shouldn’t be only enjoyed by sophisticated Wall Street investors.

The crypto industry is founded on the tenets of financial inclusion. Decentralization takes power from the centralized bodies and gives it to the people. Crypto allows us to transact with each other seamlessly and without third-party interference.

But crypto is best known as an investment asset and not a unit of account or store of value. This means that the masses should have an opportunity to invest in it without barriers. Unfortunately, only a handful of solutions allow the masses to invest in this industry.

Immediate Future App eliminates all barriers to trading crypto. We bring highly profitable crypto trading to the masses. Anyone can venture into crypto trading through our powerful trading tools.

The Immediate Future App Company

Immediate Future App was launched in 2015 in London UK. We are a privately registered firm operating under quality partnerships with international brokers. These brokers have helped us expand our reach to over 120 countries. We continue to partner with more brokers to reach more countries. The official Immediate Future website is accessible in supported countries.